Vice President’s Memorial Awards

Boys & Girls Clubs would like to acknowledge and reward young people within our membership, who are dedicated to youth work / youth sports.


The Paddy Duffy Award – “Young Volunteer Award”

The Paddy Duffy Award aims to be supportive of the values, style and approach of Paddy Duffy – a much loved and cherished voluntary youth leader and vice-president of Boys & Girls Clubs (NI). Paddy epitomised many of the personal qualities that are characteristic of good youth work.

The Paddy Duffy Award is a bursary of up to £250 and is awarded to young people whose exemplary participation in youth work is characterised by some of the following:

  • commitment and volunteering
  • selflessness
  • resilience
  • commitment to fair play
  • equal treatment for all
  • supportive and considerate of others
  • sense of fun and humour.

Nominated by: Youth Worker  
Application: Nomination Form



The Jackie Maxwell Award – “Education through Sport Award”

The Jackie Maxwell Award is reflective of the work, commitment and dedication of Jackie Maxwell – a respected, selfless voluntary worker, who touched the hearts of many both on and off the football pitch. He was also a highly esteemed vice-president of Boys & Girls Clubs (NI).  Jackie’s passion was for football but he encouraged young people to participate in all sports and strive for success!

The Jackie Maxwell Award is a bursary of up to £250 and is aimed at voluntary young leaders, who would like to further their leadership skills in sport. The bursary will afford young people the opportunity to gain a coaching qualifications or attend a training course for their personal development and to help and support other young people and local communities.

Nominated by: Club Leader/Coach
Application: Nomination Form