Programme Registration Form

Programme Registration Form

Under 18 ?? please ask your PARENT/GUARDIAN to complete the second part of the form


In joining Boys & Girls Clubs as a programme Participant I agree to all the following when online:  

  • To dress appropriately- as though attending Youth Club;
  • To not use any profanity or inappropriate language;  
  • To use a communal area/room in my home, with parental/guardian approval;  
  • To ensure that any online content that I share with others is meaningful, appropriate & relevant to my role;  
  • To conduct myself as best I can;  
  • To treat each person with respect;

Boys & Girls Clubs

*For more information about how we use personal information please see our FAQ/PRIVACY POLICY


Please provide your authorisation for the named applicant to register as a programme participant with Boys & girls Clubs by completing the Form below and send it to us by clicking the CONSENT button.

If we do not receive the Parental/Guardian Authorisation Statement, granting your approval, the application-registration account details will be deactivated in 7 days.

By providing your approval for the young person to participate in the work of Boys & Girls Clubs you are agreeing to the terms of use set out in our Privacy Policy.
Please click on the CONSENT button below to give your approval & to submit the Authorisation Statement & Registration Form.

I allow the named young person to join Boys & Girls Clubs as a Programme Participant and I give my permission for their photographic & video images to be used for marketing & promotional purposes by Boys & Girls Clubs.  


If you believe you have received this email in error, you can safely ignore it as it will be automatically removed from our system.