Membership & Benefits

Welcome below are a few of  the benefits that joining Boys & Girls Clubs will allow you to access.

Do you want to 

  • Have well trained volunteers and staff
  • Do you want to know you have the correct insurance in place
  • Do you want to make sure your polices are up to date

You will be joining a club that has been supporting Young People for over 80 years, more information is in the downloadable membership Brochure and then when you have read and cannot wait to join fill in the application form.



Annual Membership Fees:

Full membership – £20 – Full participation with voting rights at AGM
Associate membership – £20 – Full participation in all activities

Access membership – Participation in one activity or service only (payg)

Members are eligible to receive the following support

Representation & support to ensure their voice is heard by regional stakeholders
Access to Vice President awards & bursaries
Preferential rates to our annual conference with full voting rights
Favourable credit terms for programme entry fees
Send a representative to network meetings
Discounted consultancy tailored to meet club training needs
Access to preferred suppliers including insurance cover
Youth News e-zine with youth information, offers & opportunities
Policy guidance from a dedicated membership team.
Avail of support services, youth activity programmes, competitions & events

Comments are below from young people who have attended Boys & Girls Clubs events and programmes.

You can read more comments and see all we have done and are doing here.


“No matter what community or religion you are from you can always come to an agreement

“Fun and hard-working but with silly things to enjoy”

“Learned about the importance of respecting others and listening to other people’s opinions”

“I’m buzzing from all the positive things that others in the group think about me. I never used to see myself in that way”

“Only last week I had given up on my dream of becoming a paramedic. Last week’s session made me realise I know I can do it and I know how to get there”.

“Enjoyed everything, especially exploring my life journey and thinking about what’s next for me”


“It was so fun and I loved it”

“This programme helped me through a lot, and it was fun”

“Learned about how to cope with different scenarios in my life”


“”I never would have dreamed of stepping into a youth club in East Belfast before this programme! Now I can’t wait to go.”

“Learned about how to cope with different scenarios in my life”

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