The Revised Code of Good Governance

The revised Code of Good Governance

The Revised Code of Good Governance

…………….was launched earlier this year by the Developing Governance Group and as promised, the DIY committee guide website has now been launched after a complete revamp.

Thanks to funding from Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland and Awards for All, this online governance resource is now easier to access via tablets, smartphones as well as computers which should enable trustees to obtain the information they need more freely.  The Governance Health Check has also been revised and is available to download from the website.

Both of these new complimentary resources to the Code have been devised to provide practical information and a self-assessment framework for voluntary boards to assess their own governance practices, identify areas for improvement and demonstrate accountability. 


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The revised Code of Good Governance

Program Registration Form 18+

Programme Registration Form 18 years old and over


In joining Boys & Girls Clubs as a programme Participant I agree to all the following when online:  

  • To dress appropriately- as though attending Youth Club;
  • To not use any profanity or inappropriate language;  
  • To use a communal area/room in my home.
  • To ensure that any online content that I share with others is meaningful, appropriate & relevant to my role;  
  • To conduct myself as best I can;  
  • To treat each person with respect;

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