Who we are

Boys & Girls Clubs (NI) was established in 1940 as an independent, voluntary association of local youth clubs and youth organisations.  Our mission is to support the personal and social development of children and young people and to promote good community relations and community development.

We are a registered charity and company, and an infrastructure organisation which delivers key support services and programmes to a network of over 160 youth clubs and youth organisations with a combined membership of 18,000 young people and volunteers.  We deliver youth work projects and youth sports competitions and events which enable young people to gain a sense of success and accomplishment and each year we work directly with around 2000 young people.  We aim to inspire young people and those who work on their behalf to be their best in the pursuit of shared goals and to make a real difference in their community.  This is the purpose of Boys & Girls Clubs (NI) – it’s what we aspire to achieve. 


Our Vision

Boys & Girls Clubs (NI) envision a fair and inclusive society which values and supports the participation of all young people.


Our Mission

    • To reach out to involve all young people, particularly those from less favourable or fortunate background and to enable and support their participation in positive activities and non-formal learning opportunities.
    • To create enjoyable, progressive, challenging and diverse learning environments through which young people can gain a sense of achievement and success, to support their personal development, social education and good relations with others.
    • To promote the participation of young people in the creation and maintenance of good relations within and across local communities in Northern Ireland.
    • To encourage and enable young people to realise their full potential, to enjoy being young and to develop and contribute as citizens and responsible members of a fair and inclusive society of equals.


Our Principles

As a voluntary youth organisation we are committed to:

  • Democratic principles in all decision-making
  • The indivisibility of human rights and freedoms
  • The promotion of diversity, equality and inter-dependence
  • The protection and improvement of the environment
  • Equality of opportunity for all
  • Solidarity between generations and the protection of children’s rights
  • The protection and promotion of human health and well-being
  • Professional standards of excellence in all our activities – being open, honest, transparent and accountable to others