Diversity & Inclusion

As part of the Accredited Youth Work Programme we have been involved with Hospital Road Youth Club Omagh in designing and developing two new Diversity and Inclusion programmes, linked to Open College Network qualifications . These have been really well received and the young people and staff involved have helped develop new materials and fresh content 

Kerry Fagan commented : “The Diversity and Inclusion programme is a fun way to improve our knowledge, gain better understanding and respect each other to make a better community. “

Organisational Support to Voluntary Youth Organisations

Please look here ,  Boys & Girls Clubs Programmes, for information around the support available for local organisations not supported by a Regional Strategic Funded Voluntary Youth Organisation.
At Boys & Girls Clubs (NI) we are currently offering the following in relation to YOUTH WORK CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT;

Accredited Youth Work Programmes: (AYWP)
Design, development and delivery of accredited youth work programmes in the following six key areas:
1) Health and Wellbeing
2) Participation
3) Good Relations
4) Inclusion, Diversity & Equality of Opportunity
6) Living in Safety and Stability
6 Drugs and Alcohol
Diversity And Inclusion
Capacity building programme with the Worker-in-Charge & management team:
A bespoke equality development programme. Sourced and shared fresh content/materials for programmes. Field-tested new approaches; Assessment methodologies assessed with club leaders; Delivered & evaluated training sessions to youth work personnel & leadership team.
Do Something Healthy
Award winning regional programme that includes creating a support network for your club through access to industry leaders, young people/volunteers gaining accreditations and the establishment of peer managed health hubs. Delivered over a 10-week duration.
Do Something Active:
All-female empowerment programme that identifies a core-team of female health champions to help co-design a curriculum for their club & community; gaining accreditations through voluntary work in conjunction with & supported by qualified specialist health & well-being tutors to achieve results.