Do Something Active  Introduction

“Do Something Active” is a peer led, all female project which focuses on challenging traditional gender norms by equipping girls and young women with the ability to become peer health educators in their clubs and communities. In addition, the project will encourage young women to become more physically active; try a new activity; participate in education sessions aimed at promoting the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and developing community leadership skills all while having fun. 

Gender inequality is entrenched in our society and results in poor health outcomes for young women. To address this issue, our “DSA” is an innovative, peer-to-peer education model where young women in deprived areas of Belfast are trained & equipped to directly inspire, influence and inform their peers about important health issues including exercise, nutrition, resilience and physical and emotional well-being

Cycle Wise

Out & About-Boys & Girls Clubs

Interested in cycling or want to learn? Why not get involved in our *NEW* Programme – Cycle Wise.

During this 7 weeks programme you will take part into bike maintenance workshops, health workshops, first aid training and, of course, cycling sessions! The programme is starting in September and places are limited, so…hurry up!

To register your interest please contact us on 9066 3321.

Causeway Exchange – 2018

Causeway Exchange

Causeway Exchange

Causeway Exchange July/ August 2018

The Exchange took place this month in Tanagh Outdoor Education & Training Centre, Co. Monaghan between Boys & Girls Clubs and Kilmore West Youth Project. As you can see from the pics, a good time was had by all.

Causeway Objectives

The Causeway Exchange Programme has been developed as a means of helping to strengthen and improve relationships between young people on the islands of Britain and Ireland. It has been designed to contribute to the development of strategies aimed at diminishing misunderstandings, which have existed and which currently exist through:

  • Increased communication and contact between young people
  • Empowering young people to initiate contacts and develop projects together
  • Increased co-operation and contact between those who work with and for young people
  • Community-enriching cultural, educational and vocational experiences for young people, which celebrate what the different parts of the islands have in common
  • Identifying and jointly exploring areas of common interest in working with young people
  • Undertaking joint developmental activities relating to young people.



Causeway Exchange