Youthfest21 Registration

YouthFest21 Bringing fun to your club this Summer!
Stormont Estate 12-14th August ’21

11.30-3.30 For young people aged 9-17

Scroll to the bottom and read the provisos before filling in the form


Fields marked * need to be filled in

Each group leader is responsible for their group’s own operation and welfare.

Each group leader must:

  • Ensure adequate staff to participant ratios on the day
  • Be responsible for the safety and welfare for the members of the group
  • Ensure that the group acts responsibly and legally at all times.
  • Provide first aid cover for their group with the help of Boys & Girls Clubs staff and activity staff (if applicable)
  • Provide all members of their group with relevant information from the programme information provided
  • Ensure that their young people are supervised at all times
  • Complete their own risk assessment prior to attendance. (Boys & Girls Clubs can provide a template if required). 


By signing this form, you are confirming that club leaders and participants will adhere fully to the following guidance:

  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or displaying Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever/ temperature of 38C or above, difficulty breathing, loss or change in sense of smell or taste now or in the recent past (10 days).
  • Permit temperature checking on entry
  • Maintain social distancing, wear a mask indoors (if aged 13yrs or over), and wash hands regularly and upon arrival to premises.
  • Keep up to date with the latest guidance.
  • Notify Boys & Girls Clubs of any changes to health or medical information
  • Utilise isolation area on the premises should you start to feel unwell on the day (medical professionals will be available)
  • Contact Boys & Girls Clubs if possible transmission occurred during event (e.g. you develop symptoms, you had unknowingly been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19)
  • Share contact details with PHA Test, Trace, Protect, systems, and authorise Boys & Girls Clubs to do so, if requested by the service.

On sending this form we agree to abide by the rules of the event.

We can also confirm that all leaders have appropriate disclosure certificates. 

Parental consent forms have been completed and authorisation has been granted from parents / guardians for the use of photographs for media coverage.