Do Something Active 5***** Feedback

Do Something Active Yoga

Some nice feedback from the recent Do Something Active programme

Tierna – John Paul Youth Club  

The Do Something Active was really good, it give us something to look forward to on a Monday night and I liked how we got to pick what activities and sports we got to try out.  

Rebecca – Colaiste Feirste 

What I really enjoyed was how I got to meet new people from across Belfast, we all swapped Snapchats and keep in contact.  

Melissa – Dundonald  

The first night we met in the hotel was strange, it was really awkward but once we started doing activities all that went away. I especially enjoyed how it was all girls and that we didn’t feel like we were being judged by the boys and there was no pressure.  

Mia – Suffolk 

I really enjoyed meeting new people and trying new things. I loved the Boxercise classes and the stuff around making healthy food.  

Do Something Active  Introduction

“Do Something Active” is a peer led, all female project which focuses on challenging traditional gender norms by equipping girls and young women with the ability to become peer health educators in their clubs and communities. In addition, the project will encourage young women to become more physically active; try a new activity; participate in education sessions aimed at promoting the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and developing community leadership skills all while having fun. 

Gender inequality is entrenched in our society and results in poor health outcomes for young women. To address this issue, our “DSA” is an innovative, peer-to-peer education model where young women in deprived areas of Belfast are trained & equipped to directly inspire, influence and inform their peers about important health issues including exercise, nutrition, resilience and physical and emotional well-being

Do Something Active The Beginning

Do Something Active - Boys & Girls Clubs

Based in the Greater Belfast area our Do something Active project will equip young girls to become ‘Health Champions’ and improve healthy behaviours and practices in their youth clubs and communities.
The project will encourage young girls to become more physically active; try a new activity; participate in education sessions aimed at the benefits of healthy diets and exercise; develop leadership skills, all while having fun.