New Information on AccessNI

AccessNI Goes Online

AccessNI – new e-applications for AccessNI disclosures.

As part of a wider government strategy to move more Government services on-line, you will be able to apply for your disclosure certificate on-line. You can already book an MOT test online or renew car tax online so from 1 April 2015, applicants will be able to apply for disclosure certificates for Basic, Standard and Enhanced checks to AccessNI – all on NI Direct and all without paper.
When the new system goes live, it is expected that paper applications will be used only where there is no access to the online system

New Applications Forms now available
The new paper application forms for Basic, Standard and Enhanced checks have been placed on the NI Direct website and can be viewed at the link below:-

A few points for you to note:-

1. The current forms have been removed from the AccessNI website.  If your organisation requires a check to be submitted/completed during March you will need to send us the application on the current form, which are available on the CYP website until the end of March or contact the office for a hard copy.

2. AccessNI will continue to accept and process the current forms until April, after which the forms will be returned unprocessed.

3. We can take receipt of the new paper forms prior to 1 April, but they cannot be processed until after this date – note point 1 above if you need to submit an application during March.

4. The new forms have been created as ‘active pdf’ documents. This means you can type the details onto the forms before printing.

The look and feel of the new forms is largely the same, albeit that the new form has a couple of new fields.

Clubs for Young People is an umbrella organisation registered with AccessNI and should you require any checks to be done please contact the office.