We can help you get access to a range of specialist services including HR, Quality Assurance, and I.T. support. resource material to assist programme delivery, access to an operating platform to assist digital youth work

Youth Restart is a six months programme to resource and support Education Authority Local Registered Youth Organisations to restart youth provision, safely and effectively, as we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions. Support, guidance and associated resources will be provided in the following areas:

  • Safe restart of youth provision
  • Mental health and well being of young people, staff and volunteers
  • Quality assurance
  • Addressing barriers to learning within the informal environment

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As a participating member of Boys & Girls Clubs you will be entitled to the following programme support & resources: MEMBERSHIP FORM

  • Microsoft Office 365 licence (6 months free)
  • Platform for sharing documentation with other youth clubs via SharePoint
  • Ownership of private documentation in OneDrive space
  • Access and support via Microsoft Teams
  • Technical support & training for 365 set-ups
  • Access to a range of specialist services including HR, Quality Assurance, and I.T. support
  • Resource material to assist programme delivery, for instance:
  • Portfolio of safe and essential youth programmes.
  • Good practice guidance.
  • Evaluation tools.
  • Volunteer mental health and wellbeing programme (to include OCN accreditation)
  • Access to sample policies and templates to facilitate a safe restart of youth work
  • A Policy portfolio, return to work plan, risk assessments & readiness toolkit etc.
  • Access to an operating platform to assist digital youth work.
  • Regular updates on COVID & related guidance.
  • Ongoing advice, support and training.


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Provided below are the following documents:

  • Youth Restart which provides organisational guidance and support based on the Northern Ireland (NI) Executive’s Pathway to Recovery
  • Best Practice Guide for Staff on a Safe Return to Restarting Youth Service which provides detailed guidance on managing and supporting youth staff returning to the workplace
  • Welcoming Youth – Supporting the Restarting of Youth Services which provides guidance and support to young people returning to youth services
  • Coping with Change – Personal Development Programme which provides an outline of a programme along with resources to support the return of young people to youth services.

As you are aware restrictions imposed by COVID-19 can change and we will endeavour to update these documents in line with any updated guidance from the NI Executive or PHA.



Thank you KY @ EA for the help




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