Our Past


The Federation of Boys Clubs – Founded in BELFAST, 1940.
Life in 1940 was very different. The second world war was on and we were a male only organisation. That seems strange now, but that’s the way it was.
Back in the 1940′s and 1950′s few people had phones or cars and TV was a dream for most people. Food was rationed until 1953, supermarkets and fast food outlets didn’t exist, and electricity was a novelty.
Today we have PCs, laptops, email, mobiles, texting, video games, the Internet, the Cloud and virtual reality. We take these for granted but the terminology and technology would have been beyond the comprehension and imagination of young people – and all people – in the 1940′s, 50′s, 60′s and later.

A meeting of the Board-1940-chaired by Squire Danaher.jpg

Over the years we’ve changed too.
The activities we organise, the facilities we provide and the services we offer move with the interests and needs of young people, our member organisations and the time in which we live. Our offices have been in different places and along the way there have been good and difficult times.
Yet, some things shouldn’t change…
And, there’s been a consistent theme.
Boys & Girls Clubs (NI) focuses on young people and those who work with them.
Often, we open doors to disadvantaged individuals and groups.
Ultimately, we encourage young people to realise their potential and develop as positive, responsible members of our society.
Time and technology won’t change this.