Keeping Safe Training

Keeping Safe Training

Keeping Safe Training

Boys & Girls Clubs offers child protection training to all affiliated clubs. 
Keeping safe training will ensure that your organisation has the expertise to provide training on good child protection practice for all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people.

Adults working with children and young people not only have a moral responsibility to provide a safe environment but also a legal responsibility to ensure that the welfare of the child is of paramount importance. Participation in the Keeping Safe Training programme certifies quality assurance in good practice within your organisation and Boys & Girls Clubs recommend that all staff who work with children and young people partake in the training.

Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate for the corresponding module.



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Module 1  An Introduction to Child Awareness Issues (3 hrs) is for those staff & volunteers who have limited and/or indirect contact with young people e.g. caretaker, cleaner, but who need to have an understanding of safeguarding issues.

Content: awareness of safeguarding children issues; procedures for reporting concerns; code of behaviour.


Module 2 Training for staff and volunteers  (6hrs) is for staff and volunteers who have regular and/or direct contact with young people e.g. supervisor, leader, coach.

Content : awareness of safeguarding issues;procedures for reporting concerns;creating a child centred environment; code of behaviour for staff/volunteers and young people


Module 3 Training for managers,supervisors and management committee members (6hrs) is for managers and supervisors and volunteers working with young people and members of voluntary management committees of groups and organisations that provide activities for young people

Content: module 1 forms the first half of this training while the second half focus on recruitment, selection and management of staff and volunteers;confidentiality issues and breach of a code of behaviour; dealing with allegations against staff and volunteers


Module 4 Policy development (3hrs) is for individuals with the responsibility for developing and/or reviewing safeguarding children policy and procedures in line with the agreed minimum standards as outlined in Getting it Right. While not essential, having prior knowledge of safeguarding issues is beneficial.

Content: context and standards of Getting it Right; procedures and guidelines relating to the minimum standards for good practice in safeguarding young people, as outlined in “Our Duty to Care”

Additional Courses

We can tailor other courses to meet the needs of your individual club requirements – in particular Safeguarding Children and Young People With Disabilities.


Keeping  Safe Training contact Mary O’Hara for more information.