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Whether you’re moving to secondary school, jumping into the world of work, starting a new relationship or just feeling a bit stressed, we’ve asked those who’ve been through it to share their wisdom.


Struggling to adapt to distance learning? Second-year Open University student, Tala Al-Shafee, gave us her top tips for making it work…

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced so many changes into our lives in such a short amount of time, including the way we work, study and connect with other people. To get through the work and meet those deadlines, we’ve had to try our best to adapt to this less-than-ideal situation.

As an Open University student, I became a distance learner quite a while before the pandemic started. Over the last year, I’ve learnt lots of tricks that I’d like to share with you that have helped me study online.

Check out my ten top tips for how to get the best out of online learning

This article was last updated on 3 November 2020.

Wondering how to get experience during the pandemic so you can nail your personal statement? Well, read on and wonder no more!

Personal statements usually contain examples of work experience and other extracurricular activities, but, with all that’s going on in the world at the moment, that might prove tricky. With the 15 January deadline for UCAS university applications drawing closer, and coronavirus restrictions still in place, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about getting the experience you need to write the perfect personal statement.

As ever, we’ve got you covered with some top tips to help you get personal statement ready from the comfort of your own home. We caught up with some personal statement pros to get the lowdown on what you can do to keep working towards your application goals.

The lowdown from an admissions director


David Winstanley is director of global recruitment and admissions at The University of Southampton. David leads a team who look at tens of thousands of personal statements each year, so who better to ask about the current situation?

David explains, “I think it will be more difficult to write your personal statement this year – many things in many aspects of people’s lives have been made more difficult because of the pandemic. But, with a little bit of guidance and planning you can still write an amazing personal statement.”

How can you gain experience now?

David says: “We want people to articulate what excites them about their subject in their personal statement and, luckily, nowadays, people can easily do that from their bedrooms.” David continues: “It may take some creative thinking to be able to demonstrate something we are looking for on a course, without having done the relevant work experience, but there are ways of doing it. What we want to know is how a student has done the research into what that course may be like and why it would be right for them. This is more important than how you learnt it, where you went or what experiences you had.”

Will universities take the pandemic into consideration?

“We are absolutely aware that the pandemic has impacted different people in different ways. We will not expect the same level of outward activities as before to be included on a personal statement,” David says. “If you were planning field trips or excursions that have been cancelled, we will take this into account in our admissions procedures. The ability to go out and see the world in whatever way people want to has been restricted this year. It has been difficult for students, especially those looking to study vocations who would have benefited from hands-on experience, but, the experiences of the pandemic, and the ways that your particular field of study has responded, can be used in your statement.”

Vice Presidents Memorial Awards 2019

Boys & Girls Clubs would like to acknowledge and reward young people within our membership, who are dedicated to youth work / youth sports.

The Paddy Duffy Award – “Young Volunteer Award”

The Paddy Duffy Award is intended to be supportive of the values, style and approach of Paddy Duffy – a much loved and cherished voluntary youth leader and vice-president of Boys & Girls Clubs. Paddy epitomised many of the personal qualities that are characteristic of good youth work.

The Paddy Duffy Award is a bursary of up to £250 and is rewarded to young people whose exemplary participation in youth work is characterised by some of the following;
commitment and volunteering;

  • selflessness
  • resilience
  • commitment to fair play
  • equal treatment for all
  • supportive and considerate of others
  • whose approach to a challenge, although purposeful, is distinctive by a sense of fun and humour.

Nominated by: Youth Worker / Management
Application: Nomination Form

Click here for more information on The Paddy Duffy Award


The Jackie Maxwell Award – “Education through Sport Award”

The Jackie Maxwell Award is reflective of the work, commitment and dedication of Jackie Maxwell – a respected, selfless voluntary worker, who touched the hearts of many both on and off the football pitch. He was also a highly esteemed vice-president of Boys & Girls Clubs. Jackie’s passion was football but he encouraged young people to participate in all sports and strived for their success!

The Jackie Maxwell Award is a bursary for up to £250 and is aimed at young people already in a volunteering role, who would like to further their commitment to sport. The bursary will afford young people the opportunity to take part in coaching qualifications / courses, not only for personal development but to help and support other young people and local communities.

Application Process: Young Person to complete
Application: Candidate Form

Click here for more information on The Jackie Maxwell Award


HR, Supervision and Appraisal Training

Boys & Girls Clubs will be hosting a HR, Supervision and Appraisal half-day of training for youth club leaders and volunteers.

For further information or to book your place on the training course click here or e-mail post@boysandgirlsclubs or phone 028 9066 3321.

Limited spaces available.