Fundraising for your club

Here are some ideas to help with your club’s fundraising!

A to Z of Fundraising

  • A: Auction of Promises people offer goods or services to be auctioned (eg cleaning a car, chauffeur for the day, decorating room, haircut etc.) Make sure you advertise well in advance and get an auctioneer with a loud voice
  • B: BBQ As the summer sets in why not hold a fundraising BBQ and ask guests to make a donation
  • C: Collection Boxes
  • D: Dinner Party  Ask several friends to help you host an around the world dinner party. With 3 or 4 sites, each host can serve a different course, with guestd moving between the venues… and paying for the pleasure!
  • E: Expert Seminar Use an expert or personality, who is prepared to donate their tme, to give a talk or performance. Charge admission, sell refreshments in the break and maybe hold an auction of a signed book or CD.
  • F: Fancy Dress Dressing up can make fundraising even more fun! Why not arrange a fancy dress day at your workplace and charge people to come in themed fancy dress.
  • G: Gift Aid
  • H: Head Shave Will anyone shave their head to raise money for you? Will you take the plunge?
  • I: Internet
  • J: Jumble Sale An ideal opportunity to have a spring clean whilst raising money at the same time!
  • K: Karaoke King Ask your local pub to hold a karaoke competition with entrants making a donation towards your fundraising efforts.
  • L: Line of Pennies Except make them £1 coins! Find a secure venue and ask visitors, or staff etc to leave a £1 and see how far your line stretches!
  • M: Matched Giving Many companies will match their employees fundrasing efforts by making a donation to your cause. Even if your employer doesn’t do this, make sure that you ask them to sponsor you in some way.
  • N: No Smoking Day If you are a smoker then give up and get sponsored to do so. It’s good for your health and an excellent fundraiser
  • O: Outward Bound  This is a perfect way to promote team work within your company while raising money – make a weekend of it
  • P: Party Organising one big event is a great way to raise the bulk of your money. If you can get a venue donated for free, ask your guests to buy a ticket, the price of which will go towards your fundraising target.
  • Q: Quizes Organise a weekly quiz for work colleagues, and ask them to pay an entry fee to take part. A bottle of wine works as a cheap incentive to take part.
  • R: Race Night Hold a race night in aid of your cause or plan a charity evening at the dogs
  • S: Sponsorship Forms Take your sponsorship form everywhere you go!! Remember also there is no time like the present to collect your sponsorship money.
  • T: Tasting Evening Are you a connoisseur or do you know one? Invite a local wine dealer to give an intro to the world of wine – and possibly donate a few good bottles to the occasion. Maybe they would be willing to donate some of their sales to your cause.
  • U: University Challenge Collect together some teams who attended the same or nearby universities and hold a challenge to see what university comes top.
  • V: Valentine’s Day During the season of love, why not play Cilla and set up a blind date or speed dating evening.
  • W: Write Away Get your pen or computer out and write to local companies or business contacts asking them to sponsor your fundraising efforts.
  • X: Xtra Xtra …read all about it! Publicity is a must for any fundraising event. Send a press release to your local newspaper or radio station and see if they can interview you to promote your fundraising.
  • Y: Yellow Day Spread some sunshine by getting work colleagues to wear yellow (or another colour) for the day
  • Z: Zip it Undertake a sponsored silence, if your usually very talkative your friends, family and colleagues might appreciate this.