Youth Restart & Recent Executive Announcements-26 November 2020

Youth Restart & Recent Executive Announcements

An update from Paul Deighan | Head of Regional Youth Services (Interim)

With reference to recent announcements regarding restrictions by the Northern Ireland Executive in relation to Covid-19, I write to confirm that as part of these announcements Educational Settings are exempt. Guidance issued within the Youth Restart and New School Day documents remains the current practice and procedures when working with children and young people in educational settings (i.e. youth settings). Guidance relating to Education Visits (activities or trips away from your normal delivery location) remains the same which are currently on pause at this time.

Outlined below is the current stage relevant to the Youth Work Setting for your reference.

If a change in restrictions is introduced which directly impacts the delivery of Youth Services, I will write to you again outlining any potential change.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Deighan | Head of Regional Youth Services (Interim)

Youth Service |Children and Young People’s Service


Youth Work Setting Commencement Present Status
Generic Youth


1st October 2020 Operational
Centre Based Youth Provision (Part Time & Full Time) 1st October 2020 Operational
Area Based Project


1st October 2020 Operational
Specialist Provision

(Including Individual Work)

March 2020 Online Only Online
Online & Remote Access Provision March 2020 Operational
International Youth Work March 2020 Online Only Online
Outreach Work Stood Down Not Operational
Detached Provision April 2020 – Only as part of an agreed response plan to support vulnerable Children and young people led by EA Only as part of an agreed response plan to support vulnerable children and young people led by EA
Residential Work Stood Down Not Operational
Staff Development & Training April 2020 Online Only Online
Training for Young People April 2020 Online Only Online






Need to talk Lighthouse 028 9075 5070

Lighthouse is an organisation committed to the prevention of suicide and self-harm; the promotion of positive mental health and the provision of support services to families who have been bereaved due to suicide.

The organisation was established fifteen years ago as a community response to a community problem – the exceptionally high incidence of suicide in North Belfast. The organisation has undergone various stages of growth and change during this time; however, the core purpose of the organisation remains unchanged:

“To save lives, offer advice and support those affected by suicide and self-harm”

Lighthouse also works to remove the stigma associated with suicide and mental health issues through education and awareness activities which promote ‘positive mental health.’

Lighthouse has also been instrumental in highlighting the need to address the problems of suicide and self-harm in a more strategic way and has been a key contributor to the development of Protect Life – the Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy.

This strategic plan reflects the future direction and focus of our work over the next three years.  In this planning period Lighthouse is conscious of the need to build sustainability and strives to maintain its reputation as a centre of excellence in the provision of these services to those in need.

Youth Assembly

Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly is exactly that… an Assembly for Youth – a platform designed to be used by young people to have their voices heard. The core age range of the members will be 13 to 17, but there will be an upper age limit of 21 to ensure diverse representation. The Youth Assembly will provide young people with direct access to the decision-makers at the heart of our democracy.

Just as with the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Youth Assembly will have 90 members. It will hold committee meetings to deal with specific issues, sessions will be presided over by the Speaker, and debates will most likely take place in the Assembly Chamber in Parliament Buildings.

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