StopCOVID NI app  for 11-17 year olds

StopCOVID NI app  for 11-17 year olds

The StopCOVID NI app is also open to young people, aged 11 to 17, to download.

It’s the same app; it just looks a bit different.

The app does not collect any of your personal information or track your location.

It works via Bluetooth, but it won’t use much battery or data allowance.

By using the app you will help reduce the spread of coronavirus, helping to protect your family, friends and community.

How the app works

The process for how the app works is outlined below:

  • phones of those using the app emit anonymised coded ‘keys’, ‘Identifier Beacons’, which change every 15 minutes
  • ‘keys’ are stored on the user’s phone for 10 days before being discarded
  • when close to each other, app users’ phones exchange these anonymous ‘keys’, and if they are in close proximity with another user for a significant period of time, both will store the anonymous ‘key’ of the other phone for 10 days
  • if an app user tests positive for COVID-19 the app will notify any app users that have been closer than two metres for more than fifteen minutes (this is in line with current public health policy, and can be changed depending on advised best practice), in the previous 10 days
  • if you get a notification via the app telling you that you were in contact with someone who has tested positive you must self-isolate for 10 days