Impact Report 2019/20

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Annual Impact Report
We are pleased to present our Annual Impact Report for the period from April 2019 to March 2020 and we hope this
report provides a positive impression of the work and values of Boys & Girls Clubs.
Boys & Girls Clubs aims to promote the inclusion, engagement and development of all young people regardless of their
cultural, political or religious background. We deliver a wide range of programmes, projects and services to young people
and those who work on their behalf.
We envision a fair and inclusive society which values and supports the development of young people.
Boys & Girls Clubs aims to realise the personal development and social education of young people and to work in
partnership with our members to realise our vision.
As a voluntary youth organisation and charitable company, we value:
§ the potential of all young people, our members, volunteers and staff;
§ the active participation of young people in community development;
§ the work of all those who support local youth provision wherever it is needed;
§ effective youth work and positive activities in community-based youth centres;
§ young people’s health and well-being;
§ the contribution of all who provide leadership for our shared vision to be realised; and,
§ the protection & preservation of the natural and physical environments for the benefit of future generations.
Activities (2019-2020)
Through our activities over the past year, Boys & Girls Clubs directly engaged 2,020 young people and youth workers. To
achieve this, we organised and delivered a dynamic programme of youth work events, activities and club support services
which are open to all member youth organisations and through which they can enjoy and achieve together.